, if I go, the whole case of the door fell on his shoulder, after life, they have to bear hi南宁桑拿s own, I was disappointed, disappointed that he could not carry the responsibility like a man, but I do not We know that behind this, there are so many things.”

  The man laughed: “I have in this life what LEISURE?In the final analysis, is a confused father fills what these doors responsibility, what soaring things, what self-cultivation sector in the future.What is going on with me?I have such a son, not only failed to keep him and let him to death when touched upon are […]

and he probably still a little friendship, and only Wentian and forest-Stars, and his courage to go Wentian, just want to please each other, can then, do a funeral for older students, but to see the anger in his face each other –

  Wentian loudly denounced: “Pei Ming really, you deserve What’s wrong?Now the moon were undone, former head injuries retreat, fellow comrades, the division does not exist a ten sisters, comprehension sector panic, demons wolves waited for opportunities, at this time, you actually Rumo?”He laments,” Have you ever thought about what you into the magic, ol杭州桑拿洗浴der students […]

air is similar, alike that is complementary.Said Lin Lianxing senior sister apprentice a good eye, lost moldy sesame seeds, choose a delicious watermelon, adding that even the head of all see the facts.

  Pei Ming really can say?He only far blessing, 北京桑拿and shut the door, and then the invasion of demons, to his brother’s door, told him they were going to meet the enemy, older students did not invite him, because they fear that junior in the sector affected by the any injury, in the house of Pei […]

ow that he seriously up when someone has been secretly unpopular with him, and regard him as an enemy of life, a large majority of these doors, my fa广州桑拿网ther finally exit, he thought himself to be a good show in front of his father blade, but in the beginning, is Wentian directly to the point, San Shizhao hit the audience, he watched his father leave Huixiu figure, also heard that the division siblings surprised to sigh, they said: “Pei brothers actual广州桑拿网ly beat a door outside Young!”” Yeah this San Shizhao!San Shizhao are actually even barely.”” Brothers and nothing like the head, the head and my heart how disappointed ah.”

  I heard the sound, into the heart, Pei Ming really on the spot vomit blood, forged demons, plus Wentian in the fighting, secretly injected strange infuriating, Pei Ming meridians running really is a problem, let alone repair up, and on even healing is a problem, he looked for his father several times, eat a cold […]

g, drinking, ah -” He r北京夜网uffled his hair short, Yang Touxiang the blue sky severely put up a middle finger.

  ?Bend your mouth while on his exposed mockery.   ”When did you find a girlfriend?”Autumn original bad patted his shoulder,” Do not hold back bad myself.”   ”roll.”Y finishing shirt cuff, shoulder flick of his hands were shaking down.Autumn杭州夜网论坛 original gasp like a donkey, like a burst of laughter.   ”No joke.”His smile slowly away,” teacher also asked […]

f self-cultivation sector, and mortals are not the same, and for the comprehension of this is the Guards, set world of Aura, look for longevity soaring party, whenever kick into the comprehension, as long as enough qualified talent, they have mostly concentrated practice, frequently retreat, less time is a couple of weeks, when more than a few years, hundreds of years have, father and son, though flesh and blood南宁桑拿论坛, after all, can not be from morning till evening.

  The original body of his wife, is the companion case of the door arrangement, the two combine alike, after they gave birth Pei Ming really separate – monk life is very long, heart line, then gather together, are not the bulk, it has also been a regular.As he were the head of the moon, on […]

le and continue to play.

  Then again, Pei Ming really Rumo, Rumo him the news, triggering numerous consternation, according to the most reliable comprehension for industry to say, the other side is thinking that changed hands in the head of the bit in the palm of your hand, once loved woman was presided over father married to someone else, and […]

e moral point, and received something, put Wentian taken to Santo House, since he lived a life of dependence hardship.

  Time goes by, Wentian was twelve years old, coincided with the first of nine large doors of the moon were to come more experienced, whenever there is a news channel, will not miss such a good news, go together Wentian and forest-Stars test, forest-stars excellent qualifications, it is Mizuki dual spiritual roots, proven, there is […]

rson mission?”The man looked up, looked at him, complex and restore calm, clear sound transmission to the PEI Naochun ear,” things after that, to please you.”He is obviously the relentless temperament, but that fundus, at this moment, full of pent-up pain and hatred.

  .   Pei Naochun this time to enter the world, is a standard frequency of male comprehension novels, asked to find Sin of comprehension for indust长沙夜网ry as the background, tells the story of the male Wentian, I grew up frustrations, difficulties encountered, but indomitable Finally, stop killing God, God, Buddha kill the Buddha, was the last […]

ike a child, an adult learn to look cute in particular: “hea深圳桑拿网d of fun right?”He was curious eyes widened,” older students is that I do the head!what is it call.Inherit the mantle!Yes, I want to do the same and dad head.”

  ”Then you like it?”Pei Naochun asked, pointing out he was the head of a large stack of documents,” When the head, these are the property you may.”   These days, the real Pei Ming has been by his father’s side, he is watched, the father of these instruments changed and changed, and finally eliminate down a […]