Master beats apprentice, the National Table Tennis team sent the United States team 3-0

“Master beats apprentice”, the National Table Tennis team sent the United States team 3-0
After the Chinese men’s ping pong swept the US team 3-0 last night, the Chinese women’s ping pong gave the US team a 3-0 tonight.In the just-concluded 2019 Table Tennis World Cup team competition, the Chinese women’s table tennis team swept the US team to advance to the top 4.In August this year, the Chinese table tennis team went to the United States for nearly 20 days of training.During this period, the US team and the Chinese team trained together.With the help of the Chinese team, the overall strength of the American table tennis team has improved to a certain extent.In this World Cup team match, the US men’s and women’s teams both reached the top 8.However, the United States team had a bad luck. The first round of the knockout game met the Chinese team. The two games were also regarded as a contest between “master and apprentice”.Liu Shiwen swept the opponent.Profile Picture / Visual China Last night’s men’s team quarterfinals, the Chinese team swept the US team 3-0.Today it’s women’s table tennis. There is still no suspense in the game. Guo Ping played another 3-0.In 3 games, except for Sun Yingsha who lost 1 game against Zhang Anshi, in the other two games Chen Meng / Sun Yingsha, Liu Shiwen swept 3-0.”It’s slow to enter the state as soon as I came up today, and I still didn’t spend it completely, and didn’t take it as the final fight.”Sun Yingsha said after the game that after losing the first game, the coaches Li Fang and Ma Lin told the sidelines that she must be focused and play as a final,” The first game led two goals, and then it was a little unfocused.Later, I told myself to bite.”In this session of the American women ‘s team, Zhang An ‘s level is relatively high. Last month, the women ‘s table tennis World Cup singles reached the top 4.For Sun Yingsha, this game with Zhang An is a very good exercise. “She played very well in the World Cup and has been watching her game. My overall ball strength and speed have passed, and the threat to her is not so great.”Sun Yingsha said that some adjustments were made in the rhythm of the second half of the game. Zhang An is not weak if he touches hard.Tomorrow in the semifinals, the Chinese team will face the winner between the Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei teams.