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NBA Live Clippers vs Cavaliers Online Video Watch Address on December 2
Beijing time on December 1st at 9:00 am, the Los Angeles Clippers (14-5) will go to challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers (13-3).  The Cleveland Cavaliers (13 wins and 3 losses) just suffered a defeat. They will return to the Los Angeles Clippers (14 wins and 5 losses) on the 2nd.LeBron is looking for dominance to drive the team. Irving and Loew want to bring him more support. The Cavaliers are looking for defensive strength to limit their opponents. They have to overcome the feeling of regaining the win.The Clippers have suffered a three-game losing streak on their trip to the East. They desperately need a victory rebound. Griffin and Paul have to play the leadership role. They have to flip forward to defend the champion.(CCTV-5 live broadcast at Quicken Loans Arena at 9 o’clock on December 2, Beijing time) Clippers vs. Cavalier online live broadcast address: QQ Live (without plugin) CCTV5 (without CNTV plugin) CCTV5 (with CNTV plugin) interactive graphic live score live knightThe team had just suffered a defeat. They lost to the Bucks on the road. LeBron scored 22 points, 4 assists and 7 turnovers. He took the responsibility of losing after the game.LeBron only had 42 in this game.With a 9% free throw percentage, he has no role in the field.When returning to the main scene against the Clippers, LeBron wants to show offense to attack the opponent’s defense. He needs to use a more comprehensive performance to drive the team.  Irving, Loew are the other two sure gathering points for the team. They want to play a role in the offense and give LeBron more support.Irving will play against Paul. This will be a very attractive match. Two top point guards in the league will compete.LeBron recently said that Irving has become more mature this season and he is now a better and more comprehensive player.Love will play against Griffin on the court, which is also attracting attention. Love’s defense is not very good. I don’t know if he can resist Griffin’s attack.  The Cavaliers have made at least 10 three-pointers in 16 consecutive games. The three-pointer is one of their main offensive weapons. They need to keep their touch from outside to attack their opponents.In addition to the Big Three, Smith, Schubert, Jefferson and others all strive to help.The Cavaliers will also face pressure on the inside. Thompson has to work hard to help the team guard the rebounds. The Cavaliers need to have a stronger defensive strength to compete with their opponents.At home this season, the Cavaliers 9 wins and 1 loss, they want to continue their strong performance.  The Clippers are on a trip to the East. They lost all of the first three games, which put them in third place in the West.When losing to the Nets in two overtimes, the Clippers arranged for Griffin to take a break. As a result, they failed to defend their advantage and suffered a serious reversal from their opponents.The three-game losing streak is a blow to the Clippers’ morale, which is also an incentive for them. They have to work hard to rebound, maybe the team can burst the energy in Cleveland.  Griffin is the main gathering point of the team. He wants to put pressure on his opponents inside and to drive the team with full performance.Paul is the Clippers’ offensive engine. His organizational ability is the best in the league. Of course, Paul’s offensive power cannot be ignored. He is also the team’s most threatening bombing point.Jordan must work hard to protect the inside and help the team control the rebound.In the third position, Ba Mote, Johnson, Pierce and others have to work hard to limit LeBron’s offense, if LeBron’s performance can be controlled within a reasonable range, the Clippers’ chances of winning will increase greatly.  On the perimeter, Redick is the team’s most threatening shooting point, and he has to work hard to maintain a three-point touch.On the bench, Crawford, Rivers Jr., Speights, Felton and others have to contribute more to the team, so the Clippers will only have higher hopes of winning.  Last season, the Cavaliers swept the Clippers 2-0, they beat the Clippers 4 times in a row.The Cavaliers won the Clippers three times in a row at home. The last time the Clippers defeated the Cavaliers was March 2, 2013.  The two teams are expected to start the first-level Clippers: Paul, Redick, Ba Mote, Griffin, Jordan Cavaliers: Irving, Smith, LeBron, Love, Thompson