18-year-old Fuqing sister Lin Lin appeared in the national team selected for the National Youth Women’s Volleyball Team

18-year-old “Fuqing sister” Lin Lin appeared in the national team selected for the National Youth Women’s Volleyball Team
Minnan.com April 16 In indoor volleyball, in addition to Xu Yunli, another “Fuqing sister” is about to appear on the national team. She is 18-year-old Lin Lin.Yesterday, in the National Youth Volleyball Team’s national youth volleyball team training list, Fujian women’s volleyball attacker Lin Lin was selected, this is her first time to participate in the national youth team training.  Lin Lin was once selected to the National Girls Volleyball Team. She was the main member of the U18 Women’s Volleyball World Championship last year.”The first time I participated in the National Youth Training, I was nervous and excited.”Lin Lin told reporters,” In the national team, the competition is fierce, after all, there are so many excellent candidates across the country.”She admits that she is 1.86 meters tall and scores more than so many players with a height of 1.95 meters in the north, which is a disadvantage, so she must make up for this disadvantage technically.”  The National Youth Women’s Volleyball training session is to prepare for the Asian Youth Women’s Volleyball Championship held in Taipei this July.Speaking of this event, Lin Lin said that many of the people who participated in the training this time were the players who experienced the World Junior Championship and won the world championship last year. Everyone is confident.  In the National Women’s Volleyball League 2013-2014, Lin Lin represented the Fujian team for the first time.Talking about the feelings of this league, Lin Lin commented: “For the first time, I was too nervous when playing.I just joined the youth team from the youth team, and feel that the gap with them is still very large, and there are many areas that need to be strengthened.”(Huangdu reporter Huang Xuanxuan)